Questions (Day 4)

They are tiny samples of an image in the shape of a square

They are used to watch videos, pictures, animation, etc.




_________________________________________________________________________________________What is a compound probability? What is the equation?

“Compound probabilities are probabilities of two or more things happening at once.”

Sentence from

The equation is

For mutually exclusive events: P (A or B) = P (A) + P (B)

For inclusive events:”P (A or B) = P (A) + P (B) + P (A and B)”


Mutually exclusive compound probabilities

Mutually exclusive compound probabilities are probabilities of 2 events that can not happen at the same time, for example a coin flip.

But there are also events that can happen at the same time. These events are called Inclusive events. For example rolling a dice (6 faces). The first event is rolling a 4; and the second event is rolling an even number. As you see, 4 is an even number.

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